Recently, I had a conversation with some industry friends. We were discussing mentoring in the 21st century and how technology plays a huge role in making mentoring seamless and (possible).

During the conversation, someone asked a question Who is a Mentor? or putting in her exact words: What qualifies someone to be a Mentor?

Everyone had beautiful definitions and descriptions of who a mentor is or should be.

When it was my turn to speak, I had this to say:

A mentor is someone who advises and guides you through their own experiences.

For instance, a career mentor is committed to guiding another professional to success. At its core, the mentor-mentee relationship is an exchange.

Getting a mentor is as simple as asking. Of course, you wouldn’t want to ask just anyone to be your mentor. Your mentor should be someone whom you already have a working relationship with, whom you have witnessed, rise to the challenge, and who is already successful in his or her field?

Will you love to test the waters of mentorship?

Reply YES in the comment.

PS: This picture was taken during my work with Navigating With Noel where I currently serve as a volunteer mentor to students and career professionals.

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