How to be known for hospitality

Hospitality is the largest employment sector in the world. With stable growth predicted for the next few decades and many highly lucrative specializations, ranging from food and beverages to sustainable hotels and adventure tourism, this is a highly attractive area to build a career in.
The following tips will help you carve a niche in hospitality while you identify the many opportunities in the industry:
-1- Find your niche specialization and master it: The hospitality and tourism industry is very broad, with many different subsets and niche specializations with their own very unique skill sets. Narrowing these down to a niche interest could save you a great deal of time. If, for example, your ambition is to manage a five-star hotel chain or a luxury resort, you can email one to enquire about any internships they offer.

-2- Acquire Social Media Skills: You need to find your way to the popular social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Billions of people who are interested in your field are on these platforms. Learn how to make good use of these platforms.

-3- Share Value: In a bid to establish yourself as an expert in the hospitality field, you need to share valuable content online. Let your followers and prospects know you for the value you deliver.

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Yvonne Joseph (The Hospitality Queen™️ )

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