Digital Skills You Need Before Kickstarting a Career in Hospitality.


In order to reach potential clients, you need to leverage on the powerful influence of the digital world.

As a career person in hospitality, you need to have necessary knowledge about the digitalization of the hospitality industry.

The following are five digital skills you need to possess as a hospitality career person:

-1- CONTENT MARKETING: Making use of the right words to attract your prospects is very important. You should be able to come up with great content for your target audience. Any content you share must be relevant, easyto-read, straight-to- point, engaging and directive.

-2- SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT: You should have a pretty good knowledge of how social media runs. Millions of your prospects are chilling on these platforms, you need to find the right way to get to them. Know how Instagram works, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

-3- GRAPHICS DESIGN: There is a need for your business page to look appealing at a glance. This is possible if your visual contents are eyefriendly. You can outsource this to a graphics design agency if you find it stressful or difficult.

-4- EMAIL MARKETING: Being able to contact your existing customers and prospects via email is a needed skill. Email marketing also enables you to introduce your offers and new services to your customers. And the conversion rate via email marketing has been recorded to be high.

-5- FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM ADS: Presently, businesses are taking their services to Facebook and Instagram. They even pay for the paid sponsored adverts to reach a larger audience base. Knowing how to set up ads on these platforms is a valuable skill.

Which of these skills are you yet to posses? Share with me in the comment section.



Yvonne Joseph (The Hospitality Queen™️ )

I help hospitality brands increase awareness of their hotel or restaurant and generate more bookings using effective digital marketing strategies.